The Cows Came Running and the Horses Did Too!
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Sisters make plans for fun on the farm, but make choices which soon prove to be a much bigger adventure than they had hoped for. Share the excitement of discovery as sisters hope to catch a big fish, but instead reel in a big lesson.
Wash Creek
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Daddy Was a Carpenter

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A late summer rainstorm rumbles across the Kansas sky, giving Daddy an idea that will teach his daughter how to set aside her fears and trust him. Father and daughter share an adventurous moment, as rumbles of thunder turn into rumbles of laughter and joyful excitement. 
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A young family experiences life-changing drama in the darkness of the night, as a fire threatens to destroy the business Daddy has built. Out of the ashes come lessons of hope and restoration in this emotional heart-rending story.

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Snake Tree
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Sisters learn about the gift of story as they recall Daddy's account of an unexpected surprise while fishing on the river.

Grasshopper Bubblegum
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Sisters and cousins join together for a day of hard work in Grandma's garden. Enjoy their experiences as they see their hard work and patience turn to plentiful reward and a surprising gift of sharing.​

Tinker in the Tanker
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A young girl is delighted to spend a cold winter day at work with her father. An unexpected problem invites them to persevere together with trust and courage as Daddy calls on his daughter to help.
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